Traya Natural Hair Growth Serum
Traya Natural Hair Growth Serum

Traya Natural Hair Growth Serum

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Traya Natural Hair Growth Serum

Traya Natural Hair Growth Serum

Details about Traya Natural Hair Growth Serum

Traya Natural Hair Growth Serum

  • Targets root causes of hair fall control such as premature ageing of hair follicles, shrinking hair follicles due to DHT, hair thinning and weakening of hair roots. 
  • Traya’s ReCaP Serum is made with patented and clinically proven ingredients like 3% Redensyl , 3% Procapil and 5% Capixyl. 
  • Natural extracts like red clover, larch wood and castor oil are effective in stopping hair loss and maintaining the health of your hair.


  • Traya's ReCaP serum works on hair loss by primarily restricting the effect of DHT on hair which leads to poor follicle development, hair thinning and reduced hair growth.
  • Improves follicle health
  • Redensyl and Procapil in this hair growth serum are said to regenerate the ageing hair follicles. Once a follicle is dead, hair regrowth is impossible; it is therefore important to save the active hair follicles and rejuvenate them. This hair serum boosts the blood circulation to the hair cells which allows the follicle to heal and stop hair loss.

Reverses shrinking caused by DHT

  • DHT is a hormone and when produced in excess it is said to lead to hair loss. It attacks the hair follicle thereby producing thinner hair in every cycle of hair growth. The patented Redensyl and Capixyl are said to activate the anagen (growth) phase, therefore reducing damage from DHT and helping stop hair loss.

Gives visibly controls hair fall

  • Our Redensyl, Capixyl, Procapil serum formula is derived from natural extracts like betaine, red clover, larch wood and castor oil that contain vital elements for numerous enzymes, and allows for thicker hair growth. Combining these ingredients will not only stop your hair loss but also reduce possible hair damage.

Rejuvenates Hair Follicles

  • Follicles can weaken due to poor blood flow and increased pitta (heat) in the body and thus affect the health of your hair. The herbs in this formula revive those unhealthy follicles.
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