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Vipera Torva

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SBL Vipera Torva


Causes & Symptoms of SBL Vipera Torva :
Vipera affects the blood and blood-vessels, conducting to hemorrhage and inflammation of the vessels themselves.
In cases of phlebitis and varicose veins, veins of his right arm become exceedingly swollen.
Headache with coated tongue and bad appetite indicates Vipera.
Pain in heart with faintness. Burning running up arm, rising from heel to tongue.
Mind and Head:
Loss of mental functions with drawn features.


Eyes, ear, nose:
Bleeding from nose, with vertigo.
Acid burning in lips, mouth, and throat.

Mouth and Throat:
Swelling of salivary glands, of mouth, of mouth and throat, with dryness, so that swallowing was impossible.
Sensation of swelling in the teeth indicates Vipera.

Stomach and abdomen:
Violent pain in enlarged liver, sudden flatulent distension, with colic, pain in back, and vomiting.
After drinking milk vomiting of a mass of round worms indicates Vipera
Pain in abdomen, in umbilical region, worse pressure.

Stool and Anus:
Discharge of black, coagulated blood, of blood just before death.

Urinary complaints:
Involuntary micturition is relieved with Vipera.

Neck and Back:
Has special action on kidneys, pain in loins.

Veins swollen, sensitive; bursting pain. Severe cramps in lower extremities.
Pain in limbs worse touch, alternating with pains in abdomen. Leg swollen, cold, and insensible.
Boils, carbuncles, with bursting sensation, relieved by elevating parts.

Blisters about the bite, bursting and leaving ulceration.
Crawling in soles, then also in palms, dry skin.

Worse on letting the limb affected hang down, worse By touch, by pressure, on change of weather.
Swelling of arm, tongue, right eye is relieved with Vipera.
Swelling was insensible.