SBL Trillium Pendulum | Buy SBL Products
SBL Trillium Pendulum | Buy SBL Products

SBL Trillium Pendulum

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SBL Trillium Pendulum | Buy SBL Products

SBL Trillium Pendulum

Details about SBL Trillium Pendulum

Description of SBL Trillium Pendulum :-

Causes & Symptoms for Trillium pendulum It is useful in hemorrhages with faintness and sinking at the stomach, also cold extremities and rapid, feeble pulse. Flooding with fainting is a keynote of Trillium pendulum. Craving for ice-water, Cough, with purulent or bloody sputum. Difficult breathing Palpitation with great anxiety is an indication of Trillium pendulum. Mind and Head Fear of being sick, great anguish, agitation and tossing about, impossible to keep still. Pain in forehead better bending forward, worse returning to erect position indicates Trillium pendulum. Eyes, ear, nose Pain in eyeballs, Profuse nose-bleed. Mouth and Throat Trillium pendulum is useful for bleeding after tooth extraction. Very offensive taste, especially on rising in morning. Stomach and abdomen Sensation of goneness in abdomen, extreme debility, palpitation, and anxiety. Stomach symptoms worse after meals and in morning is an indication of Trillium pendulum. Much flatulence and grumbling. Stool and Anus Constipation succeeded by thin, watery, very offensive diarrhoea is relieved with Trillium pendulum. Urinary complaints Sharp, cutting pain in urethra when urinating is an indication of Trillium pendulum. Female complaints Menses come on after over-exertion, bright-red blood from uterus at least movement. Too profuse menstrual flow after exhaustion by exercise. Postpartum hemorrhage is relieved with Trillium pendulum. Extremities Standing or walking causes bearing down in pelvis. Cramping pains in muscles of arms and calves. Skin Itching and burning, worse by scratching. Generalities Feels as if bones were broken, with hemorrhages. Great debility. Better bending forward, worse sitting erect is an indication of Trillium pendulum. Motion worse hemorrhages, cramp-like pains are relieved with this remedy.

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