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SBL Plumbum Chromicum

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Description of SBL Plumbum Chromicum :-

Causes & Symptoms for Plumbum Chromicum Cramps, convulsions, retracted abdomen are the leading characteristics of Plumbum Chromicum. Violent diarrhoea of yellow color. Convulsions with terrible pains. Redness of chest and abdomen, symptoms worse towards evening. Better by drinking warm milk. Mind and Head Lost in his own thoughts, unable to concentrate. Headache with inclination to vomit. Eyes, ear, nose Stary look of the eyes with watering. Ringing in the ear with headache is an indication for this remedy. Mouth and Throat Dryness of lips with red hot face is an indication for this remedy. Convulsions cause livid face. Bad odor from the mouth is relieved with Plumbum Chromicum. Difficulty in swallowing. Stomach and abdomen Nausea and vomiting with pain in the stomach, violent cramps in abdomen with constipation. Pain in the epigastric region is an indication of Plumbum Chromicum. Stool and Anus Constipation with yellow faeces. Generalities Convulsions, with terrible pains; pupils greatly dilated; retracted abdomen

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$5.95 USD $8.31 USD
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