sbl platinum metallicum  - 30 CH
sbl platinum metallicum  - 200 CH
sbl platinum metallicum  - 30 CH
sbl platinum metallicum  - 200 CH

SBL Platinum Metallicum

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sbl platinum metallicum  - 30 CH

SBL Platinum Metallicum

Details about SBL Platinum Metallicum

Description of SBL Platinum Metallicum :-

Causes & Symptoms for Platinum Metallicum Alternation of mental and physical symptoms: as physical symptoms disappear mental symptoms appear. Tendency to uncover completely in sleep is an indication for Platina. Loss of appetite after the first mouthful. Constriction in abdomen, stomach, throat and many other parts indicate Platinum Metallicum. Mind and Head Objects look small or the patient thinks them small. Vertigo as if torn and pulled with threads Looks down on everything and everybody. Pains increase gradually. Headache commences on waking. Changing moods, sad and gay alternately, laughs and cries by turns. A fear, in the absence of her husband, that he would never return, that he would die, or be run over. Fear, with trembling of hands and feet and confusion of ideas. Vertigo on sitting down or ascending stairs. Buzzing and noise in head. Eyes, ear, nose Cramp-like pain in edges of orbits. Painless twitchings round they eye. Roaring, whizzing, and ringing in ears. Shocks in ears. Dry coryza, often semi-lateral, numbness in nose and at root of nose. Mouth and Throat Sensation of coldness, with tingling and sensation of numbness throughout. Pulsative digging in jaws, especially in evening. Sensation of coldness, especially in mouth. Smarting and lancinating vesicles on lips, fissures in gums. Cramp-like drawing in throat, like a constrictions. Lips dry and cracked. Stomach and abdomen Pinchings in umbilical region. Flatulent soreness, pressure or shocks, or else throbbing, shootings, and pinching Pressing and bearing down in abdomen extending into pelvis. Shootings in the side of abdomen and in umbilical region is relieved with Platinum. Stool and Anus The stool adhere to the rectum and anus like putty, or they may be hard as if burnt,constipation comes on while travelling. Weak and exhausted feeling for two hours after stool, Sticky stools like soft clay. Frequent itching, tingling, and tenesmus in anus, frequent itching, tingling, and tenesmus in anus. Tenia and ascarides are discharged from rectum during evacuation and at other times. Urinary complaints Slow but frequent emission of urine Male complaints It is useful in the effects of masturbation. Coition of too short duration, with but little enjoyment. Premature and excessive development of sexual instinct and organs. Female complaints Menstrual flow was copious, black, clotted. During menses uterine spasms, convulsions. So sensitive genitals that the usual napkin is intolerable. Menstruation, when the discharge is very abundant, thick and black like tar. Painful sensitiveness and constant pressure Neck and Back Back and small of back as if broken. Rigidity of nape of neck. Pains in back and small of back as if broken, after a walk worse bending backwards. Sensation of numbness in coccyx. Extremities Pains go from right to left. Tingling restlessness, sensation of weakness and trembling in limbs. Aching and spasmodic pain in forearms, hands, and fingers, especially when grasping anything firmly. Numbness of fingers, ulcers on fingers. Sensation of stiffness in forearms. Tingling restlessness, sensation of weakness and trembling in limbs. Skin Ulcers (on fingers and toes). Generalities Cramps, cramping pains and spasms, developing into convulsions. Crawling, tingling, numb sensations. Numbness and tingling in the parts affected. Spasms alternate between convulsive actions, with dyspnoea. Worse During menses. Worse Rest, sitting, standing, bending backward. Trembling of right thumb, with numbness.

Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Images and Ingredients may vary from time to time due to changes made by the manufacturer's manufacturing batch and location. The product description is for information purposes only and may contain additional ingredients.

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