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SBL Moschus

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Description of SBL Moschus :-

Causes & Symptoms for Moschus Moschus has marked action on spasmodic and nervous hiccough. Anxiety is felt in chest with gastric symptoms. It relieves Distension of abdomen, Faints while eating. There is a desire for black coffee and stimulants and aversion to food. Moschus is also useful in hysterical conditions. Hysterical spasm of chest. Sudden constriction of larynx and trachea. Tightness of chest and the patient is obliged to take a deep breath. There is a frequent tendency to faint from least excitement, while eating and during menses. Moschus is also indicated in increased violent sexual desire with involuntary emissions in males. In females sexual desire is increased with intolerable titilation in parts with a sensation as if menses would appear. Head Moschus is useful in Vertigo, with nausea and vomiting, want to lie down, and desire for coffee. It relieves Headache, with nausea and vomiting, which compels lying down. Moschus is useful in compressive and stunning headache, especially just above root of nose, with nausea in evening better moving head, and in room, better in open air. Nose It is useful in complaint of Epistaxis. Tingling in extremity of nose, as if from insects. Stomach Moschus is useful in Violent eructations, sometimes which nausea. Sudden attacks of nausea, at sight or thought of food. Moschus is useful in Violent vomiting, especially in morning, and often accompanied by pain in stomach and chest, and distension of epigastrium. Sensation of fullness and obstruction in region of stomach and epigastrium, sometimes with uneasiness, worse after a moderate meal. It relieves Smarting, burning sensation of excoriation, in region of stomach, after a meal. Abdomen Moschus relieves attacks of painful contraction in umbilical region, with suspended respiration. There is Sensation of tension in abdomen, as if clothes were too tight, accompanied by an anxiety which neither permits attention to any kind of labor, nor continuance in one place, but compels constant running from side to side. Stool and Anus Moschus is useful in Constipation, especially after taking coffee. Moschus is also helpful in complaint of Diarrhea (involuntary), especially at night, and sometimes during sleep, Diarrhea, with violent cuttings. There is stitches in the anus, extending to the bladder. Respiratory Organs and Chest It helps in Severe dry cough worse morning, pain under left breast on coughing. Moschus is useful in Whooping-cough, last stage, with vertigo and constriction of chest and trachea. Difficult respiration, and shortness of breath, with shootings in chest indicates Moschus. Pressive pain in chest, to extent of obstructing respiration is relieved by it. Neck and Back Violent drawings in nape, unable to turn head is relieved. It relieves Violent drawing pain in back, as if tissues drawn tense (as before menses). There is Acute pressure left side of sacrum above coccyx, as if caused by a dull instrument. Upper Limbs It relieves Drawing pains along the entire extent of the arm, and especially in wrists, as from cramp. Burning, with sensation of coldness, in last joints of fingers is also relieved by it. Lower Limbs Moschus is useful in Trembling in legs, as after great fatigue, when seated. Compressive pain in hollows of knees as though tendons too short indicate Moschus. Burning pressure on tips of right toes is relieved by it. Generalities Pricking in limbs, sometimes with pain in the parts affected. It relieves Cramp-like pains in limbs. It is indicated in Trembling and jerking, over whole body. Moschus is useful in Fainting fits: especially at night (in bed), in evening, or in open air, followed by headache, of hysterical persons. Moschus is helpful in relieving Pinching, shootings, and itching, which compels scratching, in different parts of body. Skin Moschus is useful in Herpes with excessive burning.

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