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SBL Morphinum | Buy SBL Products

SBL Morphinum

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SBL Morphinum | Buy SBL Products

SBL Morphinum

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Description of SBL Morphinum :-

Causes & Symptoms for Morphinum It is suitable in complaints of contractlility related to the bladder. It is useful to relieve the pains associated with the complaints. In complaints of neuralgia, pains are so violent that leads to twitching. Distention of abdomen with colicky pains is relieved with Morphinum. Mind and Head Drowziness leadin to sleep, with restlessness and heaviness of head is relieved with Nervous spasms after exposure to heat, lightning stroke. Incapable of thinking or fixing mind indicates Eyes, ear, nose Delusion of a man standing after closing the eyes. Protrusion of eyeballs,with blurred and dim vision. Roaring in the ear, tinnitus Intense itching, tingling, numb feeling on end of nose rubbing it constantly. Mouth and Throat For hasty and stammering speech due to dryness of the mouth Burning pains felt in the throat area is relieved with this remedy. Stomach and abdomen Eructations that are violent, with much acid mucus is relieved with Acute Pain in stomach and abdomen worse by eating. Loss of appetite with great thirst is an indication for Morphinum. Stool and Anus Painful urging with passage of little stool, retention due to lack of urging. Urinary complaints Urine with albumin, suppression with ineffectual efforts. Male complaints Pain in genital and urinary organs, especially right spermatic cord. The desire is decreased. Female complaints Sexual desire at first increased, afterwards lost is an indication for Morphinum. Neck and Back Pain and twitchings all down spine with weakness of the loins. Extremities Fingers numb and both thumbs firmly drawn into palms, Cramps in several muscles. Legs were twitched up with Icy coldness of left sole as if standing on oil-cloth. Generalities Restless sleep, with frequent startings is relieved with Morphinum. Sudden attacks of fainting, with convulsions is an indication for this remedy. Bed feels too hard after lying on it.

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