sbl formica rufa  - 30  CH
sbl formica rufa  - 200 CH
sbl formica rufa  - 1000 CH
sbl formica rufa  - 30  CH
sbl formica rufa  - 200 CH
sbl formica rufa  - 1000 CH

SBL Formica Rufa

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sbl formica rufa  - 30  CH

SBL Formica Rufa

Details about SBL Formica Rufa

Description of SBL Formica Rufa :-

Causes & Symptoms for Formica rufa The pains appear suddenly, and dart from place to place, Formica rufa is useful for arthritic complaints of Joints. Spasms occurring in the body with trembling sensation indicates Formica rufa. Burning pain, burning from washing, renewed burning from cold washing. Great liability to take cold, consequences of cold and wet, cold bathing, damp weather. Mind and Head Formica rufa is for morose, fearful, apprehensive people. Dullness, pressure on both sides between temples and ears. Itching of scalp. In morning, headache in posterior, upper and inner part of head, worse drinking coffee indicates Formica rufa. Sensation as if brain is too heavy and large. Eyes, ear, nose Twitching of upper eyelid, pain in eye when awakes, better by washing, sensitiveness of right ear and temple is relieved with Formica rufa Severe neuralgic pains between posterior of right ear and center of occiput. Swollen and tender around with burning, soreness behind the right ear. Better from taking right hand and rubbing gently behind right ear. It can be used for the complaints of Polyps. Mouth and Throat Sore throat in morning, with much mucus. Dry, sore throat, cough worse at night, constrictive pain in chest is relieved with Formica rufa. Stomach and abdomen Burning pain in stomach, constant pressure at cardiac end of stomach, and a burning pain there. Flatulence with dull pain in the spleen. Stool and Anus Constipation and sensation of constriction in sphincter. Painful desire in anus and rectum for stool, is relieved with Formica rufa. Urinary complaints Much urging with albuminous urine, bloody urine, dribbling of urine is relieved with Formica rufa. Male complaints Scanty ejaculation with incomplete erection. Female complaints Menses appear early, Lack of milk with nursing women, bearing-down pain in back, stitches in region of left nipple. Neck and Back Hot irons better pain in neck. Pain from neck up to back of head. Severe pain across sacrum and dorsum of each hand indicates Formica rufa. Extremities Itching in armpits in morning, Bruised pain in hips at night, causing him to change from side to side. Weakness of lower extremities, stiffness and contraction of joints is relieved with Formica rufa. Skin Nodes around joints with redness, itching of the skin,nettle rash. Generalities Sweat during night, sweat without relief indicates Formica rufa. Headache, vomiting with headache, pain in eyes, stitches in ears.

Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Images and Ingredients may vary from time to time due to changes made by the manufacturer's manufacturing batch and location. The product description is for information purposes only and may contain additional ingredients.

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