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SBL Ferrum Iodatum

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Description of SBL Ferrum Iodatum :-

Causes & Symptoms for Ferrum iodatum Glandular enlargement, worms, body emaciated. Anemia. Food seems to push up to throat as if it has not been swallowed. Lancinating or cutting pains are noted in eyes, ears, and root of nose to occiput. Stuffed feeling in abdomen as if she could not lean forward, enlarged spleen. Mind and Head Anxiety and aversion to company, dullness of mind and concentration difficult worse when reading Headache, a confused sensation with heaviness, worse in warm room indicates this remedy. Sharp pain from below eye up through head to vertex. Restless at night; starting from sleep. Stupefaction. Weeping. Vertigo while walking. Eyes, ear, nose Painful lancinations in eyes and ears. Inflammation of the conjunctiva, with copious pus when forcibly opened. Noises in the ears; humming, ringing, roaring, hearing impaired indicates Ferrum iodatum. Nose swollen with ulcers and crusts inside. Fluent coryza, worse in the morning, with copious mucus from larynx. Mouth and Throat Violent tickling and scraping in throat, Swollen cervical glands. Dryness of mouth and throat. Tickling and scraping throat and larynx Burning pain and prickling and swelling of mucous membrane. Bleeding gums Stomach and abdomen Eructations, nausea, and vomiting. Distension of abdomen after food or drink. Pain in stomach; after eating; burning; cramping, after eating indicates Ferrum Iodatum. Stool and Anus Constriction of anus, difficult stool, ineffectual straining indicates Ferrum Iodatum. Stitching during hard stool; tenesmus; urging after stool; stool bloody. Peculiar feeling in rectum and anus as if something twisted and turned about in circle Urinary complaints Sweet-smelling urine appears to be a leading symptoms Difficulty in retaining urine. Incontinence in anemic children. Acute nephritis following eruptive diseases. Urination frequent, involuntary, with tenesmus. Male complaints Relaxed scrotum. Seminal emissions. Bearing down feeling in the pelvis. Female complaints Menses suppressed or scanty,Pain in abdomen during menses; in hypochondria; in inguinal region. Itching and soreness of vulva and vagina. Pain in the back during menses Stitching pain in back Stiffness in back on rising from bed. Flushes of heat; internal heat, with chill. Neck and Back Albuminuria with edema, in hard drinkers, Dull pain in back on each side about six inches above kidneys Sides of neck sore when touched or on moving. Extremities Heat of hands; heaviness of limbs lower limbs; of feet, Restless feet Numbness of fingers, legs, feet. Painful drawing in tendons and back of right hand and left foot Drawing pain in lower limbs; in the thighs; in tendons of back of right hand and left foot. Weakness of limbs, of lower limbs. Trembling and weakness in limbs on using hands and on walking. Skin Eczema and vesicles on the face, short-lasting eruptions like urticaria, eczema, and lichen Crops of boils. The skin burns or is cold; jaundiced; liver spots. Dry skin. Urticaria. Swollen skin. Generalities Motion and walking worse Most symptoms are worse at night, and in the morning. Warmth worse, open air better, touch worse indicates Ferrum iodatum.

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$5.95 USD $8.31 USD
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