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SBL Eupion

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Description of SBL Eupion :-

Causes & Symptoms for Eupion A large number of the symptoms center in the female sexual organs A remedy for female complaints with chronic tubal diseases. Yellow white discharge in females with severe backache is relieved with Eupion. When pain in back ceases, the discharge gushes out. Hemorrhages occur from nose and bowels. Painful glandular swellings in groins. Cramps in the calves when accompanying uterine or chest complaints. Mind and Head Great weakness of memory with irritability that occurs in females during the monthly complaints. Sore painful spots on head. Painful pulsation in forehead. Eyes, ear, nose Burning, pressive pains in eye with copious lachrymation. Severe shooting pains in the ear that extend to the temporal region. Sneezing with fluent coryza in morning Mouth and Throat Toothache like numbness in carious molars, coming on immediately on lying down Sensation of mucus in throat without being able to expectorate. Stomach and abdomen Coughing and sneezing worse pains in abdomen, bending forward better pain in abdomen. Cutting pains during menstruation, when the pains cease discharge is always copious, blood red and very thin. Stool and Anus Hard, dry stools, with great straining. Drawing and tearing in rectum, worse during (natural) stool. Painful twisting deep in abdomen extending to rectum, intermitting and returning. Urinary complaints Hot urine passed without pain. Female complaints Discharge of blood between pains with backache. Menses too early and copious, Eight days after period, leucorrhea staining linen yellow in spots size. After washing with cold water genitals feel stiff and numb, with sensation of soreness and rawness. Backache one day before menses, better bending backward, lasts all the first day indicates Eupion. Neck and Back Sacrum pains, as if broken. Severe backache; must lean against something for support. Bending backwards better backache. Extremities Cramps in calf muscles aggravated at night is an indication for Eupion. Stitching pains in elbows, radiating to fingers. Soles of feet numb as if she walked on needles. Skin Itching biting in skin, in genitals penetrating whole body, worse night, better during motion. Generalities Yawning with chilliness and shivering and night sweats towards morning.

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