SBL Cyclamen Europaeum 6 CH - Online USA
SBL Cyclamen Europaeum 6 CH - Online USA

SBL Cyclamen Europaeum

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SBL Cyclamen Europaeum 6 CH - Online USA

SBL Cyclamen Europaeum

Details about SBL Cyclamen Europaeum

Description of SBL Cyclamen Europaeum :-

Causes & Symptoms for Cyclamen Cyclamen is the remedy for affections of the uterus and appendages. Boring, darting, pressing pains in forehead and temples. Vertigo and headache accompanying scanty menses. Sensation of great weakness in the chest, as if there was not strength enough to breathe. Mind and Head Dullness of senses, disinclination for work or conversation, great flow of ideas alternates with weak memory. Sudden change of sadness and cheerfulness. Vertigo when walking in the open air; objects turn in a circle; ameliorated in a room , Violent pains in the forehead. Pricking itching in the scalp is relieved with Cyclamen. Eyes, ear, nose Heat and burning in the eyes with swollen eyelids, dryness and itching of lids. Humming, ringing and roaring in the ears. Dry, or fluent coryza, worse in a warm room indicates Cyclamen. Sneezing and watery discharge in a warm room. Mouth and Throat Jerking in the teeth at night, burning on the tip of the tongue indicates Cyclamen. Viscid mucus in the mouth. Burning, dryness and scraping in the throat. Stomach and abdomen Aversion to bread, butter, meat, fat, beer, and ordinary food is an indication of Cyclamen. Vomiting after eating, in the morning. Fullness, as if he had eaten too much, nausea caused by eating and drinking. Colicky pains in the abdomen, ameliorated by walking about is an indication of Cyclamen. Stitching pains in the abdomen and liver, colic and urging after stool indicates Cyclamen. Painful sensibility of the abdomen, on the slightest touch with headaches from disordered stomach. Stool and Anus Bleeding hemorrhoids, drawing, pressing pain about the anus. Urinary complaints Ineffectual urging to urinate. Urine profuse, watery with stitching in the urethra with desire to urinate. Shooting pains in the urethra is relieved with Cyclamen. Male complaints Prostatic troubles, with stitches and pressure, urging to stool and micturition indicates Cyclamen. Female complaints Menses too soon, or too late; irregular with severe abdominal pains. Suppressed menses from over-exertion, or being overheated. Cyclamen is for excessive flow that is black and lumpy. Mammae swollen and very hard after menses. Menses occur every two or four months, always with the pains, starting from sacrum, extending along both sides of abdomen to pelvis. Extremities Tearing, drawing pains in the limbs, weakness in the limbs. Red vesicles in the joints of the fingers, preceded by violent itching indicates Cyclamen. Frequent and violent itching in the calves of the legs Soreness of the heels when walking is relieved with Cyclamen. Generalities Aversion to motion, yet motion ameliorates, Weakness in the evening, ameliorated by moving about. Cyclamen is useful in emaciated skin, pale gums and lips . Great inclination to lie down, and to sleep. Cough ameliorated in the open air, even in a cold wind. Chill not ameliorated by warm clothing. Drawing pains in flexors of the leg.

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