SBL Crocus Sativus 6 CH - Online USA
SBL Crocus Sativus 6 CH - Online USA

SBL Crocus Sativus

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SBL Crocus Sativus 6 CH - Online USA

SBL Crocus Sativus

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Description of SBL Crocus Sativus :-

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Crocus sativus A remedy for spasmodic contractions and twitching of single set of muscles, specially of the eyelids. Extreme changes in the mood with alternate happiness followed by sadness, at one moment cheerful and the other moment crying. Crocus sativus is a remedy which is said to have characterestic action which helps in the proper relief of complaints, where the patient suffers hemorrhage from different parts of the body, the blood being black, clotted and forming long black strings from the bleeding orifice. Sensation of something alive moving in the stomach os relieved with help of Crocus sativus. Mind and Head Crocus Sativus is well Indicated in patients who are inclined to laugh, sing with excessive weakness. A person who is in rage, anger and immediately followed by remorse, regret. In children who keep doing multiple activities, quick movements followed by short intervals of quietness. In women who have a changeable disposition, where they jump, laugh, sing, affectionate, want ot kiss everybody and followed by anger and rage is checked with Crocus sativus. Confused vertigo on rising from a reclining posture. Vertigo when raising the head, with heat of the whole body. Head heavy in the morning, with aching at the vertex. Throbbing pains mainly in climacteric women and aggravation mainly during menses, congestion of head before, during or after flow. Sensation of looseness of brain is felt which is relieved with help of Crocus Sativus. Eyes, Ear, Nose Eyes: Heaviness and cramp-like contractions of the eyelids. Swelling in the eyes, as from much weeping. Reading paper causes complaints of eye like Dryness of the eyes, desire to constantly rub the eyes, better by closing the lids tightly. Watering of the eyes in a closed room are checked with Crocus sativus. Ear: Humming in the ear, pain in the ear with tinkling in the ears with difficulty in hearing. Nose: Crocus sativus is useful in epistaxis, nose bleed with black, stringy discharge from one nostril at a time, with cold perspiration on the forehead. Cold sweat with desire to be fanned. Throat and Mouth Crocus sativus is helpful in complaints of sore throat, elongated uvula which pains during swallowing food. Moistness of tongue, white coating with roughness felt in the mouth is relieved with help of Crocus Sativus. Abdomen and stomach Crocus Sativus helps in complaints of fullness, abdominal swelling, stitching pain in anal region. Sensation of something alive is jumping in the stomach is relieved with help of this medicine. Pain in the groins, with pain that travels to the back. Female Reproductive System Pain during menses, with discharges that are stringy, clotted is an indication for Crocus Sativus Discharges from the uterus that smell bad, and offensive Skin Scarlet redness of the whole body, or scarlet spots on skin. As a home made remedy helps in bringout the eruptions. Generalities Numbness of some of the limbs, at night, during sleep. Amelioration of symptoms in the open air, several of them appear at night, and are generally aggravated in the morning. Cough with bloody (dark) expectoration is checked with Crocus sativus. Heaviness and failing of the limbs, after light exercise is relieved Sensation of heat, heaviness at the heart, which ascends to the heart, with anxiety and difficulty of respiration, relieved by yawnings.

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