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SBL Coffea Cruda

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Causes & Symptoms of SBL Coffea Cruda :
Sensitiveness of vision, of hearing, of smell, of touch; sensitiveness to pain.
Pains are increased by noise, sensitiveness of hearing.
The Coffea state is brought on by emotions or violent excitement of the mind
Complaints come on in the cold weather, from the cold air.
Over-fatigue and long journeys cause many complaints are relieved with Coffea.
Complaints of anemic children during dentition is resolved with Coffea Cruda.

Mind and Head:
Excessive weeping and lamentations over trifles, fright from sudden pleasant surprises.
The pains seem insupportable, driving to despair.
Congestion in the head, especially when speaking is relieved with Coffea.
Pains in the head, as if the brain were bruised. Coffea headaches are worse from walking, from motion

Eyes, Ear, Nose:
Eyes lively and red, with unusually clear sight,
Roaring, ringing in the ears, buzzing in the ears with tingling or bubbling in the head.
Bleeding from the nose, with heaviness of the head.

Mouth and Throat:
Complaints come on in the cold weather, from the cold air. Pain in the mouth and jaws, better from holding ice-cold water in the mouth.
It is indicates in toothache and face ache where it is deep in the jaws.
Pain in the teeth; rending, tearing pain in the teeth, brought on from exposure to cold, from emotions, from excitement, from joy.
Neuralgic toothache entirely relieved by holding cold water in the mouth, returning as it becomes warm indicates Coffea Cruda.
Sore throat, with great and painful sensibility.

Stomach and Abdomen:
Cramps in the stomach, with pressive, shooting pains.
Coffea is indicated in the hunger, with rapid, hurried eating.
Colic, as if the stomach had been overloaded, as if the abdomen would burst with pain and sensitivity to touch of clothes is relieved with Coffea.

Stool and Anus:
Diarrhea during dentition in children is relieved with Coffea Cruda.

Female complaints:
Great sensitiveness of female genital organs, with general excitability indicates Coffea Cruda.
Large black lumps with itching, bleeding large bright red lumps with excessive sensitiveness about the vulva is relieved with Coffea Cruda.

Male complaints:
Strong irritation of the genital parts, without emission of semen, and with dry heat of the body.

Cramps in the soles of the feet, hands, contraction of fingers. Trembling of the feet.
Twitching of the limbs is resolved with Coffea.

Intense stinging, burning pains in the skin with the redness, heat with coarse rash coming on suddenly, leaving just as suddenly indicates Coffea.

Sleeplessness, nervous excitement, neuralgia, twitching of muscles, toothache, face ache, red face and hot head.
A small amount of wine intensifies the nervousness, produces sleeplessness, flushed face, feverishness, great excitement in coffea patients.
Coffea increases the mental capacity
The pains are felt intensely, driving to despair, and inclination to weep.

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