SBL Cistus Canadensis 6 CH - Online USA
SBL Cistus Canadensis 6 CH - Online USA

SBL Cistus Canadensis

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SBL Cistus Canadensis 6 CH - Online USA

SBL Cistus Canadensis

Details about SBL Cistus Canadensis

Description of SBL Cistus Canadensis :-

Causes & Symptoms for Cistus Canadensis Subjects who are very sensitive to cold air. Cold feelings: in larynx, in abdomen. Inhaling the slightest cold air causes sore-throat. Throat symptoms better by swallowing. Inhaled air feels cool. Great sensitiveness to touch, worse from touch. Sleepless from dryness of throat. Stitches and cold feelings are very prominent, soft or spongy feeling which is very characteristic Mind and Head Headache when missing noon meal. Sick headache with chilliness is relieved with Cistus Canadensis All mental excitement increases the suffering, followed by stitches in throat, producing cough. Eyes, ear, nose Weight above eyes with piercing pain in middle of upper rim of right orbit, with some headache on that side. Offensive discharges from the ear, Swelling beginning at ear is relieved with Cistus Canadensis Pain, cold sensation, burning and sneezing when inhaling cold air. Nose feels best when full of mucus.Eczema of nose. Mouth and Throat Swelling and inflammation of parotids. Pains in all the joints of face is relieved with Cistus Canadensis Tonsillitis. Pain when inspiring cold, dry air. Saliva cool, breath feels cool. Enlarged glands like knotted cords. swollen gums, separating from teeth ; easily bleeding Eating and drinking relieve dry throat and pain, Must swallow saliva to relieve unbearable dryness, especially during night. Stomach and abdomen Cold feeling in stomach before and after eating. Empty and cool eructations is relieved with Cistus Canadensis Frequent nausea, nausea with diarrhea. Cool feeling in whole abdomen. Pain in groin coming from back. Male complaints Itching in scrotum is relieved with Cistus Canadensis Female complaints Induration of mammae, sensitive to cold air. Neck and Back Glands of neck and throat swollen, suppuration is relieved with Cistus Canadensis Burning pain, bruised pain in coccyx preventing sitting, worse from contact. Extremities Eruptions on finger tips.Tearing and drawing pains in all the joints, knees and fingers. Pains in muscular parts of hands and of lower extremities, with pains in joints, fingers, and knees. Tips of fingers very sensitive to cold indicates Cistus Canadensis. Skin Hard, thick, dry and cracked hands, palms, fingers aggravated in winter. Itching all over body without eruption.

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