sbl cantharis  - 30 CH
sbl cantharis  - 30 CH

SBL Cantharis

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sbl cantharis  - 30 CH

SBL Cantharis

Details about SBL Cantharis

SBL Cantharis-30ml

Cantharis Vesicatoria ( Spanish Fly ) :
Cantharis is chiefly used in the treatment of frequent urination with burning in every part of the body both internal and external. constant and intolerable urge to urinate before, during and after urination. burning and cutting pain in urethra during urination. only a few drops of urine pass at a time. it is also helpful in blood in urine. vesicles all over the body which is sore to touch with burning pain and itching. when locally applied in tincture cantharis is also useful in burns and scalds, prevents formation of blisters and helps speedy recovery.

Cantharis is useful in oversensitiveness of all parts or/and irritation, raw, burning pains. cantharis vesicatoria can be considered in hemorrhages and puerperal convulsions. intolerable, constant urging to urinate is most characteristic feature of cantharis vesicatoria. the gastric, hepatic and abdominal complaints that are aggravated by drinking coffee are seen in cantharis commonly. it is well indicated in gastric derangements of pregnancy. there is dysuria ( difficult urination ), with other complaints. cantharis also helps in conditions where there is an increases secretion of mucous membranes, tenacious mucus. the inflammations cantharis produces ( bladder, kidneys, ovaries, menninges, pleuritic and pericardial membranes ) are usually associated with bladder irritation.

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