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SBL Cadmium Sulphuricum

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SBL Cadmium Sulphuricum-30ml

Cadmium sulphuratum is helpful very low forms of disease, as in cholera, yellow fever, where, with exhaustion, vomiting, and extreme prostration, the disease runs deathward. Cadmium Suphuricum helps in treating chills and coldness with fever. There is chilliness and coldness even when near the fire. Icy coldness of the parts. Cadmium sulphuratum shows good results with gastric symptoms, carcinoma ventriculi and/or persistent vomiting. The affect of cadmium sulphuratum is upon the stomach more especially. Patients must keep quiet. There is soreness in the pit of the stomach on pressure. Violent nausea, retching and black vomiting. Burning and cutting pains in the stomach. There is also tenderness of abdomen and tympanites. Mind - Wants to be perfectly quiet. - Desires company but is too tired to communicate or react. - No or little fear of death. - Unconscious. - Vertigo; room and bed seem to spin around. - Hammering in head. Heat in head. Generalities - Yellow fever. Cholera. - PROSTRATION, worse vomiting. - Great COLDNESS, NOT better WHEN NEAR FIRE. - One-sided paralysis. Paralysis of a part -Pain and formication in paralysed parts with Numbness. - Aggravation in COLD air, wind, Sun, LEAST MOTION. Head - Headache with restlessness, nosebleed, coldness of body. Eye - Chronic eye conditions with inflammations, disappearing when gastro-intestinal complaints start. - Conjunctivitis. Blepharitis. - Opacity of cornea. - Blue circle around eyes. One pupil dilated. - Night blindness. Nose - Polypus. - Ozaena (intranasal crusting, atrophy, and fetid odor). - Tightness at root. Nose obstructed; polypus. - Caries of nasal bones. Boils on nose. Nostrils ulcerated. Face - One-sided paralysis, worse cold wind (Aconite shows the similar symptoms). - Distortion of mouth. Trembling of jaw. - Facial paralysis; more left side. Mouth - Difficult swallowing. Esophagus constricted. - Salty belching. Intense nausea, with pain and cold. - Stringy, offensive exudation on mucous membrane. Salty taste Throat - Sore throat, constant tickling; gagging and nausea, worse deep breathing; chilliness and aching. Stomach - SEVERE GASTRITIS WITH INTENSE VOMITING. - Vomiting of mucus, green slime, blood, with great prostration, and great tenderness over the stomach, Exhausted after vomiting. - Soreness in pit of stomach on pressure. Violent nausea; retching. Black vomit. Coffee ground vomiting. - Nausea and vomiting from least touching of lips; must lie perfectly quiet. - Burning and cutting pains in stomach. - Cancer. Abdomen - SEVERE GASTROENTERITIS. - Cold sensation in stomach and abdomen. - Sore, tender, tympanitic. Region of liver sore. - Black, offensive clots of blood from bowels. - Pain in abdomen, with vomiting. Tenderness and tympanites. Rectum - Stool Bloody, black, and offensive. Gelatinous, yellowish green; semi-fluid, with urinary suppression. Urine - Rawness and soreness in urethra, urine mixed with pus and blood. Extremities - Weakness of one arm or leg after epileptic fit. Heart - Palpitation, with constriction of chest. Fever - Icy coldness, Yellow fever. Skin - Blue, yellow, sallow, scaly, cracking. - Itching; better scratching. - Chloasma, yellowish stains on nose and cheeks; worse exposure to sun and wind. - Chilblains. Sleep - Stops breathing on going to sleep. Wakes up suffocating. - Fears to go to sleep again. Protracted sleeplessness. Modalities - Worse, walking or carrying burdens; after sleep; from open air, stimulants. - Better, eating and rest.

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