Dr. Reckeweg Borax | Buy Reckeweg India Products
Dr. Reckeweg Borax Mother Tincture
Dr. Reckeweg Borax | Buy Reckeweg India Products
Dr. Reckeweg Borax Mother Tincture

Dr. Reckeweg Borax - 11ml

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Dr. Reckeweg Borax | Buy Reckeweg India Products

Dr. Reckeweg Borax - 11ml

Details about Dr. Reckeweg Borax - 11ml

Dr. Reckeweg Borax Q - 11ml
Dr. Reckeweg Borax has marked action in treating aphthae ( mouth sores and ulcers ). Aphthae in the mouth, on tongue and inside of the cheeks. The mucus membrane of the mouth is much reddened, easily bleeding during eating or when touched prevents child from nursing, with hot mouth. The tongue is cracked and bleeding with much salivation. Aphthous sore mouth worse from touch and taking salty or sour food.
Dr. Reckeweg Borax acts on gastro-intestinal irritation leading to Salivation, nausea, vomiting, colic, diarrhea, collapse, albumin in urea. Delirium, hematuria ( blood in urine ) and skin eruptions have been involved in overdosing in borax veneta. There is dread of downward motion in nearly all complaints in borax veneta. For homoeopathic purposes, the peculiar nervous symptoms are very characteristic, and have frequently been verified, especially in the therapeutics of children. This medicine borax veneta is of much value in epilepsy and also in mouth ulceration of mucous membranes.
Dr. Reckeweg Borax also helps in treating menstrual disorders and leucorrhoea. It is useful in membranous dysmenorrhoea when there is violent, labour like pain before and during the flow, as if the uterus would expel itself through the vagina. Menstuation is too early, too profuse and very much hot. The flow starts meagerly, but the same violent pain keeps on until the expulsion of the membrane. Borax is also indicated in leucorrhoea which is profuse, albuminous, starchy, very much hot as if warm water were flowing. Leucorrhoea is like white as mucus as like the white of an egg. Very much acrid leucorrhoea.

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