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SBL Sarsaparilla

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Description of SBL Sarsaparilla  :-

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Sarsaparilla It a kind of restorative medicine after an exhausting course of Mercury, hence used as a blood purifier. Sarsaparilla checks the ulcers, cutaneous eruptions, nodes, indurated glands, caries, articular swelling Characteristic symptom is inability to pass urine freely except in the standing position, when sitting; only dribbles indicates Sarsaparilla. The moist eruption in right groin, with offensive smell in both the sexes is resolved with this medicine. It is suited to children with faces like old people and enlarged abdomens, to dark-haired persons to lithic or sycotic diathesis. Weakness and dilatation of the veins, tendency to form varices in the limbs, varicose ulcers, hemorrhoids, varicose veins of the face and body. Useful in old age when black and blue spots appear on the backs of the hands. Involuntary urination of children at night in bed is releived with Sarsaparilla. Mind and head Sarsaparilla is useful in changeable disposition, with inability to control anger, easily offended, ill humored. Unable to comprehend, the mind is slow. Headache and Vertigo, with nausea and sour rising and Pains from occiput to eyes, Scalp sensitive. Inner semi lateral head, either side, old neuralgic headaches are relieved with Sarsaparilla. Sensation as of tight band around head and forehead, which is very painful. Eyes, Ear, Nose Flickering before eyes with headache, Burning sensation in eyes and lids is relieved with this medicine. Shooting pains from left ear to root of nose, Burning, itching scabs on lobes of ear is relieved with Sarsaparilla. Dry coryza and obstruction of nose. Sarsaparilla relieves the stopped up nostril and scabby eruptions. Mouth and Throat Eruptions on face and upper lip , Pimples. Gums swollen, with pain as from excoriation, aphthae on tongue and palate is relieved with Sarsaparilla. Dryness and roughness in throat, especially in morning. Violent cough from a tickling sensation of ulceration in gullet is relieved with this medicine. Stomach and Abdomen After eating stomach has no sensation, feels as if he had eaten nothing. Frequent or continued nausea, with fruitless inclination to vomit, Constrictive pains in stomach. Heat and burning sensation in stomach, especially after eating bread indicates Sarsaparilla. Shootings in sides of abdomen, especially in left side, Cutting pains, especially in the umbilical region. Stool and Anus Sarsaparilla helps in Loose, acrid, corrosive evacuations, with pains in abdomen. Painful, difficult evacuations, with contractive pains in the abdomen and violent downward pressure. Hard, retarded, and scanty feces, often with urgent want to evacuate. Urinary Complaints Frequent and ineffectual want to urinate, or with scanty emission. Frequent and profuse emission of pale urine, day and night, often without any sensation in urinary organs. Excessive pain in urethra which may run back into abdomen, scalding up urethra while urinating Sarsaparilla helps to dissolve the stones in the bladder. Female complaints During menses, want to urinate, excoriation between thighs, pinching in abdomen, and squeezing, as if by a claw, in loins and pit of stomach. Sarsaparilla is useful in pain during menses that begin in the morning, with bitter vomiting. Suppuration of breasts marks the action of sarsaparilla. Neck and back Swelling on one side of neck, painful to touch. Pains from small of back down spermatic cords, worse at night and from motion, after emissions is relieved with Sarsaparilla. Tingling in loins. Tensive pain from loins to hips on least movement. Extremities Sarsaparilla resolves the rigidity and immobility of limbs makinf it possible to move. Numbness of fingers, Rigidity of legs, as from contraction, Cramps in legs and calves of the legs is relieved with Sarsaparilla. Tension and swelling of feet, with heat and redness, Deep rhagades in skin of fingers with burning pains. Bone-pains worse at night, Tearings and pressive shootings in arms, forearms, and joints of hands and finger indicates Sarsaparilla. Skin Sarsaparilla relieves the tettery eruptions, moist and dry scales on the palms of the hands. Ulceration from slightest cause, easily Purulent vesicles. Itch-like eruptions prone to appear in spring. Great emaciation, the skin becomes shriveled or it lies in folds. Generalities Tearing in all joints and limbs, often accompanied by trembling of hands and feet, painful tearing in head and pinching in abdomen. Shooting, tearing, pressive pains are relieved with Sarsaparilla. Painful pressive throbbing and throbbing-shooting inner side right sole, later on whole sole when sitting. Shooting in sides of chest, which often forces patient to bend double.

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