SBL Phosphorus Rubrum | Buy SBL Products
SBL Phosphorus Rubrum | Buy SBL Products

SBL Phosphorus Rubrum

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SBL Phosphorus Rubrum | Buy SBL Products

SBL Phosphorus Rubrum

Details about SBL Phosphorus Rubrum

Description of SBL Phosphorus Rubrum :-

Causes & Symptoms for Phosphorus Complaints from electric changes in the atmosphere; violent palpitations, working under a bright light cause complaint indicates Phosphorus. Burning pains are observed everywhere, which is characteristic of this remedy and is sensitive to cold. Craving for cold things, ice cream, which agrees, or cold water, which is thrown up as it gets warm in the stomach indicates phosphorus. Phosphorus has been very useful in weak, relaxed conditions of the joints following sprains, Tearing, boring pains, especially at night with necrosis. The Phosphorus patient is very sensitive to all external impressions; slight odors, noises, touch. Glandular swellings, abscesses, fistulous openings Mind and head The mind may be overactive or may be extremely passive with loss of memory. Irritability of mind and body and great prostration of mind after slight mental effort, and of the body after slight physical exertion. Trembling of the whole body with fear is relieved with this Phosphorus. Brain-fag from mental overwork. Vertigo when in the open air; vertigo after eating; vertigo in the evening indicates Phosphorus. Heaviness and confusion in the head and thing go round; great weakness of the head. The headaches are ameliorated from cold and worse from heat, worse from motion, and better from rest. Eyes, ear, nose Burning, redness, congestion, enlargement of the blood-vessels of the eye indicates Phosphorus. The eyelids twitch and tremble; swelling of the eyelids; dropsical swelling of the eyelids; great darkness around the eyes; great circles around the eyes. Inability to understand the articulations of the human voice. Hearing is difficult. Violent itching in the ears; congestion of the external ear; itching, tearing, throbbing, burning pains is relieved with Phosphorus. painful dryness in the nose; constant sneezing and running from the nose of bloody water. Frequent blowing of blood from the nose,swelling of the nose, redness and very sensitive to touch, polyps is relieved with Phosphorus. Mouth and Throat Phosphorus is useful in swollen, oedematous face; puffed under the eyes, bloated face, worse from talking and from eating Jerking, tearing pains in the teeth. The pains of the teeth are often ameliorated by warmth Parched, dry and bleeding lips, Inflammation of the parotid gland, especially when it suppurates or there are fistulous openings is relieved with Phosphorus. Dryness of the mouth and throat, roughness, rawness, excoriation, bleeding, and inflammation of the tonsils. Hoarseness and loss of voice; great dryness in the larynx and all of the air passages, suffocation; dyspnoea. Stomach and Abdomen In Phosphorus there is violent hunger and very soon after eating the hunger returns again. In acute and chronic complaints there is violent thirst; thirst for ice-cold drinks. Vomiting on as soon as the water becomes warm in the stomach indicates Phosphorus. The complaints are ameliorated by eating with Constant nausea. Pressing pains, burning pains, tearing pains in the stomach; pain in the stomach after eating Phosphorus is useful in Congestion of the liver, fullness, pain, hardness, fatty degeneration of the liver. Sensation of emptiness in the abdomen Flatulence; colic; rending, tearing, cutting pains throughout the abdomen is relieved with phosphorus. Stool and Rectum Burning in the rectum during stool. Protrusion of the rectum, protrusion of the piles is relieved with Phosphorus. Sharp, stitching pains from the coccyx up the spine that occurs during stool. After stool painful cramps in the rectum; burning in the anus; violent tenesmus, fissures of the anus indicates Phosphorus. Protruding hemorrhoids; hemorrhoids that burn. Urinary complaints Frequent, scanty or completely suppressed urine with involuntary urination during sleep indicates Phosphorus. Twitching and burning in the urethra with sugar in the urine. It is useful in renal calculi. Male complaints Swelling and soreness of the testes and cord; inflammation of the testes and cord. Phosphorus is useful in frequent erections that are painful day and night. Female complaints Violent pain in the ovaries extending down the inner side of the thighs during menstruation indicates Phosphorus. Hemorrhages from uterus, bright red, clotted blood, Frequent and profuse hemorrhages from the uterus are checked with Phosphorus. Painful, hard, large nodosities in the female mammary glands. Menstrual period is too early, flow bright red, lasting too long with pain in the back. Swelling of the labia, with bleeding warts indicates phosphorus. Extremities Ulcers upon the lower limbs; feet icy-cold, weakness; trembling; faintness. Jerking and twitching of the muscles Emaciated limbs and the distended veins become an indication for phosphorus. Burning, tearing pains in the limbs from exposure to cold, Inflammation of the periosteum of the tibia. Trembling and numbness of both the extremities, finger tips feel numb and insensible is relieved with Phosphorus. Acute inflammation of the joints of the knees and hip joint. Great restlessness in the lower limbs; weariness in the lower limbs; weakness in the lower limbs, especially observed on walking. Skin Bleeding from ulcerations, False granulations that bleed, Black and blue spots. Eruptions are dry and scaly, Burning sensation with irregular brown spots upon the body. Psoriasis of the knees, legs, elbows, and eyebrows indicates Phosphorus. Rash is very dusky or disappears and suppuration begins in various places Generalities Exostoses of the skull with tearing pains. Jerking and twitching of the muscles with spasms. complaints are worse from cold and cold applications, and better from heat and warm applications, Except the complaints of the head and stomach, which are ameliorated from cold Difficult breathing, fullness in the chest after eating, much irritation in the larynx. Sensation of heat in the chest mounting to the head, Every cold settles in the chest

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