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SBL Morgan Gaertner | Buy SBL Products

SBL Morgan Gaertner

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SBL Morgan Gaertner | Buy SBL Products

SBL Morgan Gaertner

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Description of SBL Morgan Gaertner :-

Causes & Symptoms for Morgan Gaertner It is indicated in skin and liver conditions and urinary complaints. Irritation felt in the different complaints, may it be mental level, stomach, urinary etc. Bloating sensation in the stomach with flatulence, wind that is aggravated after eating. Its action in acute inflammatory conditions as in renal colic and gallstone colic is marked. Dryness of the skin, with flaky and psoriatic complaints, itching. Complaints are aggravated between 4 to 8 pm. Mind and Head Short tempered and irritated all the time. Fear of going around with people. Night tremors, that make them cry. Loss of hair in bunches is an indication for this nosode. Stomach and abdomen Noisy eructation with bad smell indicates the action of medicine. Pains in the stomach after eating, Gall stone colic, Flatulence cannot pass easily that causes pain. Stool and Anus Loose motions, mainly due to excitement, with smelly flatulence. Urinary complaints Presence of blood and mucus in urine, constant desire to pass urine with urgency. Severe pain over the right side lumbar area due to renal stones associated with crying. Female complaints White discharge with profound prostration and weakness is relieved with Morgan Gaertner. Offensive, bad smelling discharge which is brown and corroding. Extremities It can be used for stiffness of the joints.

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