sbl clematis erecta  - 30 CH
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sbl clematis erecta  - 30 CH
sbl clematis erecta  - 200 CH
sbl clematis erecta  - 1X

SBL Clematis Erecta

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sbl clematis erecta  - 30 CH

SBL Clematis Erecta

Details about SBL Clematis Erecta

Causes & Symptoms of SBL Clematis Erecta :
Vesicular eruptions with great itching, stinging and crawling aggravated from washing indicates Clematis.
Swelling of the glands of the groin is a striking feature of Clematis erecta.
Many of the pains of Clematis erecta are relieved by perspiration.
Violent cough, with irregular respiration, burning pain in the sternum and stitches in both sides of the lungs.
Itching pustules round the neck, with excoriation after scratching. Arthritic nodosities in the joints of the fingers.

Mind and Head:
Fear of being alone, boring pains in the temple, purulent pimples on the forehead, painful on being touched indicates Clematis.
Eruptions on the head with itching on the hairy scalp violently itching, only temporarily relieved by scratching, with soreness and rawness.
Memory impaired with sadness and apprehension.
Head feels full and heavy, hanging down.

Eyes, ear, nose:
Burning and smarting pain of the eyes, worse from closing them, indicates Clematis erecta.
Eyes inflamed, protruded, Chronic irritation of the lids is relieved with this medicine.
Burning pain in exterior of the ear with Tinkling in the ear.
Purulent pimples, painful on being touched at the root.

Mouth and Throat:
In the teeth and jaws the pain is violent, relieved by cold water held in the mouth, aggravated violently from heat
Stitching and drawing pains in the teeth worse, at night.
Swelling of submaxillary glands, with hard tubercles, throbbing, aggravated on being touched.
White vesicles on the nose and on the face, as from a sunburn. Small blisters on the tongue and in the throat is relieved with Clematis.

Stomach and abdomen:
Nausea on smoking tobacco, with weakness of the legs.
Swelling and induration of the inguinal glands, with jerking pains.
Pains, as from a bruise in the hepatic region, on touching the part is relieved with Clematis.
Shooting pains up, worse on breathing and urinating.

Stool and Anus:
Burning heat and itching at the anus better after an evacuation with hemorrhoids, itching, discharging some mucus.
Loose stools, with burning at the anus.

Urinary complaints:
Constant urging to urinate, urethra being painful to touch and pressure.
Dribbling urination with a stricture in urethra is relieved with Clematis erecta.
Inability to evacuate all the urine at once, after urinating it still continues to burn is relieved with Clematis.

Male complaints:
Pain and swelling of the right spermatic cord;worse from walking and from the warmth of the bed.
It is useful in inflammation of the testes, pain in the testes with hardness, drawing pain, inflamed and swollen testes
Swelling of the right half of the scrotum with thickening and hanging low down.
Violent erections with stitches in urethra. Glands hot, painful, swollen worse inguinal glands.

Female complaints:
Inflammation in the mammary gland, ulceration and hardness of glands.
Menses too early indicates Clematis.

Neck and Back:
Itching pustules round the neck, with excoriation after scratching.

Itching of the toes and perspiration between them.
Swelling and induration of the axillary glands.

Vesicular eruptions filling with yellow fluid and with induration under the vesicles.
Scaly tetters, aggravation of all skin symptoms by the heat of the bed and from washing.

Great debility and weakness. Painful swelling and induration of the glands is relieved with Clematis.
Great nervous weakness and twitching of the muscles, weakness in all limbs.
Vesicular eruptions on the body, yellow vesicles and yellow pustules with burning eruptions with violent itching.
Shootings in the chest

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