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SBL Artemisia Vulgaris

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SBL Artemisia Vulgaris

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Artemisia Vulgaris Artemisia Vulgaris is well indicated in convulsive diseases. It is indicated where the patient is excitable and irritable before attack of fits. Fits after fright or grief, after a blow on the head, with menstrual disturbances, with teething indicates Artemisia Vulgaris. Attack accompanied or followed by profuse offensive sweat, by seminal ejaculations is checked by Artemisia Vulgaris. Profuse sweat, having a peculiar fetid, cadaverous or garlic-like odor is a characteristic of the remedy. Attacks frequently repeated, then followed by a long interval of rest. Artemisia Vulgaris relieves violent cramps in abdomen with irregular, insufficient menstruation. Irregular or deficient menstruation with convulsions is well checked by Artemisia Vulgaris. Causation Blow on head, Fright or grief or bad news. Mind Stupor following convulsions. Inclination to steal, Effects of fright indicates Artemisia Vulgaris. Head Sharp shooting pains through the head. Head drawn back by spasmodic twitchings is relieved by Artemisia Vulgaris. Face Twitching in the face, mouth drawn to left Lower jaw pressed forward. Chewing motion of gums, grinding teeth indicates Artemisia Vulgaris. Teeth Grinding of teeth, forth at mouth, thumbs drawn into fist, eyes half open indicates this remedy. Throat Swallowing difficult, food escapes from the mouth is checked by Artemisia Vulgaris. Stomach Nausea and vomiting, Cramp in stomach is relieved by Artemisia Vulgaris. Abdomen Artemisia Vulgaris relieves Violent cramps in abdomen, irregular, insufficient menses. Stool and Anus Greenish diarrhoea, Passes feces and urine with the spasms, Worm complaints are well checked by Artemisia Vulgaris. Urinary Organs Artemisia Vulgaris is indicated for the complaint of frequent urination, yellowish urination. Male Sexual Organs Nightly pollutions, Seminal ejaculations with the spasm is well checked by Artemisia Vulgaris. Female Sexual Organs Uterine Prolapse, Violent contractions of uterus, Spasms during menses is well relieved by Artemisia Vulgaris. Irregular or deficient menstruation with convulsions indicates Artemisia Vulgaris. Respiratory Organs Rattling breathing with the spasms is relieved by Artemisia Vulgaris. Lower Limbs Artemisia Vulgaris is indicated for relieving Over-fatigue or weakness of the feet after long walks or long illness. Generalities Convulsions of sucklings or teething children is relieved by it. Long and deep sleep after a fit is well checked. Congestion of brain and spine.

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