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SBL Arnica Montana

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SBL Arnica Montana

Causes & Symptoms for SBL Arnica Montana Dilution Injuries, Fright or anger that cause symptoms are well relieved with help of Arnica Montana. Any complaints that occur after falls are related with Arnica and hence used as a first aid in complaints of Injuries. It is suited to person who are extremely sensitive to mechanical injuries, in people who suffer from train sickness and sea sickness. Suddenness of complaints, pains that occur suddenly with lame and bruised feeling. Soreness of affected injured areas. It helps to stop the bleeding and useful where bleeding occurs after injuries, after delivery of baby, to check the bleeding. All the complaints of every system that is associated with sore, bruised feeling, be it any system of the body. Effects after Injuries, falls, contusions. Mind: After the effects of grief, sudden financial loss, trauma at mental level. Constant fear with desire to stay alone, Indifferent and easy exhaustion after mental strain is reduced with help of Arnica. Fear while taking any decisions, absence of ideas, restlessness, doesnt share her/his feelings and keeps on saying that is well when he is unwell. Mischievous and full of humor, fights with friends and family. Gets angry easily with rage. Head: Stitching pain in the head, with heaviness of eyes. Burning and heat of the head with cold spots on forehead,with chronic vertigo and sensation of whirling, moving especially when walking. Ascending pains, after effects of Injuries and falls, tingling at the top of head. Useful in promoting the growth of hair by applying on the affected area. Face Mouth and Teeth: Arnica helps in sunken face, Puffiness of cheeks, pustulous eruptions around the eyes mainly. Painful swelling of the sub-maxillary glands and those of neck. Dryness of mouth with thirst Fissure of lips, dryness and burning of lips with ulceration at the corners is well reduced with the help of Arnica Montana Soreness of gums after teeth extraction, Bitter taste in mouth. Loose teeth and sensation as if elongated. Eyes, Nose and Ear: Eyes: Red, inflamed eyes with pain and discharge from eyes, swelling of eyelids, with burning of eyes and tears from the eyes. Arnica is useful in patients who keep their eyes open on account of feeling dizzy when eyes are closed. Nose: Tingling in the nose with swelling of turbinates, ulceration of nostrils, nasal bones. Burning in the nose with difficult breathing. Bleeding from the nose with soreness and difficult breathing. Ear: Tinnitus; noises heard in the ear. Shooting pains in and around the ear after Injury. Difficulty in hearing with buzzing sounds in the ear is relieved with help of Arnica. Throat and Respiratory system: Burning in the throat, with uneasiness and sore feeling in the throat with dryness and bloody expectorate. Useful in Tonsillitis and short, bad breath in the mouth. Hoarseness from overuse of voice is well treated with help Of arnica. Excessive difficulty of breathing with cough that is aggravated at night time. Yawning aggravates the cough. Inability to remove the expectorate, swallows it. Stomach and Abdomen: Nausea with desire to vomit, pressure in stomach with tightness felt in the chest that extends to the back. Rising of salt like water in the mouth, with vomiting of what has been taken (eaten) with mixture of blood. Abdomen: Shooting pans in the hepatic region, liver tender and painful with pain extending to spleen area. Cutting, colicky pains in the abdomen with flatulence, passes wind. Urinary system and Stool: Urinary system: Involuntary emission of urine at night in the bed with frequent urination of pale urine. Pain while passing urine with bloody discharge. Stool: Sharp, shooting pains with complaints of Thread worms, Constipation with straining while passing stools, bleeding after passage of stools. Undigested material in the stool with pain, dysentric, liquid stools with desire to lie down after every stool. Extremities and Bones and neck: Arnica is well indicated in the complaints of pain in the back, limbs, after over exertion and cannot walk erect due to pain in the back. Pain that start in the lower limbs and that travel upwards to the upper limbs. Cramps in the fingers with inability to hold and loss of strength with swollen veins in the hand is relieved with help of Arnica Montana. Weakness of muscles of the neck with painful swelling of the glands of neck. Sensation as if sprained, pain in joints with swelling and tenderness, with tingling and stiffness of the limbs after exertion. Trembling in the body with jerking of muscles. Skin: Miliary eruptions with redness and small boils which are hot and tender. Black and blue spots on the body.

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$7.81 USD $10.81 USD
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SBL Arnica Montana

Excellent Service and on time delivery, will keep ordering from this site.

SBL Arnica Montana

I would highly recommend buying it, you will be so glad you did.

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