Dr. Reckeweg Oleander | Buy Reckeweg India Products
Dr. Reckeweg Oleander | Buy Reckeweg India Products
Dr. Reckeweg

Dr. Reckeweg Oleander - 11 ml

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Dr. Reckeweg Oleander | Buy Reckeweg India Products

Dr. Reckeweg Oleander - 11 ml

Details about Dr. Reckeweg Oleander - 11 ml

Description of Dr. Reckeweg Oleander :-

Causes & Symptoms for Dr. Reckeweg Oleander Oleander is useful in conditions like dermatitis, anorexia and vertigo. There is itching and scurfy pimples and the skin is sensitive and numb. Slightest friction causes soreness and chapping which is relieved by Oleander. There is violent itching eruption with bleeding and oozing and want of perspiration. It especially helps in pruritus of scalp which is very sensitive. Oleander also helps in anorexia and vertigo. There is vertigo with diplopia when looking down and vertigo when looking fixedly at and object and on rising from bed. Mind Memory weak; slow perception. Melancholy, with obstinate constipation. Head Oleander is useful in Vertigo and diplopia, when looking down. Vertigo, when looking fixedly at an object, and on rising in bed. It relieves Pain in brain, as if head would burst. Numb feeling. Dull, unable to think. Indolence. Eruption on scalp, Humid, fetid spots behind ears (Graph; Petrol) and occiput, with red, rough, herpetic spots in front is also relived by Oleander. Oleander relieves Corrosive itching on forehead and edge of hair; worse, heat. Eyes Can see objects only when looking at them sideways. Eyes water on reading, Double vision can be checked by Oleander. Sensation as if eyes were drawn back into the head indicates Oleander. Face Pale, sunken, with blue rings around eyes. Stomach Canine hunger, with hurried eating, without appetite, Thirst, Empty belching. Vomiting of food; greenish water, Throbbing in pit is relieved by Oleander. Abdomen Borborygmus, with profuse, fetid flatus is relieved by Oleander. It relieves Gnawing around navel, Ineffectual urging. Stool passes when emitting flatus. Burning pain in anus is also relieved by it. Chest Oppression as from a weight; asthmatic when lying down. Palpitation, with weakness and empty feeling in chest, Dyspn

Note: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Images and Ingredients may vary from time to time due to changes made by the manufacturer's manufacturing batch and location. The product description is for information purposes only and may contain additional ingredients.

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