Dr. Reckeweg Ipecacuanha | Buy Reckeweg India Products
Dr. Reckeweg Ipecacuanha Mother Tincture Q
Dr. Reckeweg Ipecacuanha | Buy Reckeweg India Products
Dr. Reckeweg Ipecacuanha Mother Tincture Q
Dr. Reckeweg

Dr. Reckeweg Ipecacuanha - 11ml

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Dr. Reckeweg Ipecacuanha | Buy Reckeweg India Products

Dr. Reckeweg Ipecacuanha - 11ml

Details about Dr. Reckeweg Ipecacuanha - 11ml

Dr. Reckeweg Ipecacuanha - 11ml

Causes & Symptoms for Ipecacuanha Wherever ailments are associated with the presence of constant nausea, Nausea through all the stages, Ipecac is the indicated remedy. There is profuse salivation with the nausea, indicated after indigestible food, raisins, cakes Suffocation from accumulation of mucus is relieved with Ipecac. The tincture is used for the bites of insects, bee, and wasp-stings. Vexation, Suppressed eruptions, Indigestible Foods are the leading causes that get the symptoms. Mind and Head Anxiety and fear of death, Ailments from mortification or vexation, with indignation, Impatience is relieved with Ipecac. Sick headache originating in the stomach, the nausea preceding the headache and persisting all through. Vertigo when walking, and when turning round, Lancinating headache, with heaviness of the head. Attacks of headache, with nausea and vomiting indicates Ipecac. Eyes, Ear, Nose Violent neuralgia of eyeballs, shooting in the head, with gushes of tears, nausea. Ipecac relieves the Trembling and Twitching of the eyelids. Coldness and chilliness of the ears. Coryza, with stoppage of the nose is relieved with Ipecac. Mouth and Throat Saliva runs from mouth on lying down, sensibility of all parts of the mouth. Lips covered with small aphthae and eruptions. Fine granny eruption on face, with or without irritation. Sore throat, during swallowing, as from swelling of the pharynx is relieved with Ipecac. Stomach and Abdomen There is disgust at the stomach for food, empty vomiting, vomiting of bile, of blood, No better by vomiting indicates Ipecac. Vomiting of drink and of ingested food, or else of bilious, greenish, or acid, or mucous, gelatinous matter, somethings immediately after a meal. Retching, especially, after drinking anything cold, or after smoking indicates Ipecac. Colic, with agitation, tossing and child cries is relieved with Ipecac. Incisive pains, in the umbilical region, with shuddering marks Ipecac. Stool and Anus It is Indicated for Itching of anus, Diarrhea of children. Hemorrhoids bleed profusely. Urinary complaints Pains in the region of the bladder, and of the navel, burning sensation in the urethra, with inclination to vomiting indicates Ipecac. Discharge of pus from the urethra, with biting pain. Female complaints Menstruation too early and too profuse with Stitches from navel to uterus. Ipecac relieves the bearing down pains towards the genital parts, and towards the anus. Respiratory and cough Rattling noise in the bronchial tubes, the cough causes vomiting without nausea indicates Ipecac. Dry cough, excited by a contractive tickling in the larynx. Suffocative cough in the evening, continuous cough with perspiration on the forehead, shocks in the head, retching and vomiting. Suffocative attacks in the room, accompanied by cold, as if the navel would be torn out. Extremities Nocturnal cramps in the muscles of the thigh, with lumps in the thighs. Coldness of one hand while the other is hot indicates Ipecac. Tingling in the joints, as when numbed, spasms and convulsions of different kinds, Convulsive movements of the muscles. Generalities The principal feature of Ipecacuanha is its persistent nausea and vomiting, which form the chief guiding symptom. Pains as if bones were all torn to pieces, Excessive emaciation. Worse in winter and dry weather, Improved by rest, by pressure, by closing eyes. Loss of breath on the least movement. During the nausea the patient is forced to scratch himself, until relieved by vomiting.

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