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Baidyanath Abhayarishta

Baidyanath Abhayarishta 450ml

Baidyanath Abhyarist is most effective in piles, fissures and fistula, constipation and its related complications. It has carminative properties and thus it is helpful in inflammation.

Benefits of Baidyanath Abhayarishta:
Baidyanath Abhyarist helps to treat piles and chronic constipation
It is also carminative and appetizer in nature

How to use Baidyanath Abhayarishta:
3-6 teaspoonfuls (15ml. to 30ml.) twice daily with equal quantity of water or as directed by physician.

Ingredients of Baidyanath Abhayarishta:
Haritaki, Munnakka, Vaividang, Madhuk Pushp, Gokhru, Nishoth, Dhaniya, Dhaiphool, Indrayan Mool, Chavya, Sounf, Sonth, Dantimool, Mochras.

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Baidyanath Abhayarishta

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